Teacher Career Path and Career Goals: Become the Best Teacher You Can Be (2024)

Are you wondering how to achieve your teacher career goals? A good teacher develops engaging lesson plans, practices beneficial teaching methods, tracks student performance, and maintains a positive learning atmosphere. Some opportunities that you can pursue on your teacher career path are leadership positions, instructional design, and educational consulting.

A teacher’s career development involves completing teacher preparation programs, maneuvering through professional organizations, and contributing to the school community. In this article, we demonstrate what your teacher career path can look like. We will explore the education sector to help you define and work towards your teacher career goals.

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Teacher Career Prospects: Why Is Teaching a Good Profession?

Teaching is a good profession because it offers many career prospects and many opportunities to expand your professional responsibilities. There are plenty of meaningful opportunities for professional development in teaching if you have specialized training, expertise in specific subject matter, or extensive teaching experience.

Teacher Salary and Job Outlook

A teacher’s salary and job outlook depend on the type of teacher they wish to become. According to BLS, all education and training occupations are expected to grow by 10 percent by 2030. The average salary across all these jobs is $57,220, with a range of $29,360 to $79,640. Postsecondary teachers make the most and teaching assistants earn the least.

The job outlook for postsecondary teachers is a positive 12 percent, according to BLS. The rise in high school enrollment is expected to lead to a growth of eight percent in teaching positions for high school teachers. If you work in special education, there are expected to be 38,600 openings for special education teachers every year between 2020 and 2030.

What Does a Typical Teacher Career Path Look Like?

Stage 1: Classroom Teacher

A classroom teacher is a typical role for people with a teaching degree. Their primary duties include classroom planning, lesson planning, and implementing learning styles for student learning. You can become a high school teacher for a core subject like English, math, or science.

The responsibilities of a classroom teacher include administrative duties, grading assignments, monitoring student progress, and communicating progress with parents. Teachers often begin their careers by assisting other teachers as student teachers.

Stage 2: Master Teacher

With the experience of a few years in the classroom, you will be promoted to be a master teacher or mentor teacher. A master teacher is considered to be a master of their craft. Master teachers excel in the classroom to create a learning environment that encourages learning and personal growth. An experienced mentor teacher is a gift to public and private schools alike.

An advanced role requires more experience and skills in education. Some other higher roles include model teachers and peer collaborative teachers, according to the New York City Department of Education. There are also instructional specialists and grade-level teachers.

Stage 3: Department Head

Department heads set goals and plan out how to carry the school forward. They are responsible for department policies, administration activities, curriculum development, and teacher training. They bring the department and school administrators together to make policies, set educational guidelines, and enhance learning standards.

Stage 4: Principal

School principals or assistant principals are education administrators who oversee the school activities, teachers, and operations. They set policies to enhance the teaching experience and advocate for students in the public education system.

Principals or headmasters have a Master’s Degree in Education Administration or Education Leadership along with teaching experience. They generally also hold a state-issued license or principal certification. They are involved in conducting assessments and managing strategic aspects of the educational institution.

Stage 5: Professor

Many teachers become professors in the latter stages of their teaching careers. You must earn a master’s degree or doctoral degree to teach at the university level. Professors earn qualifications specific to their subject of interest and must be credentialed to teach.

Professors are involved in advising and education policy. They participate heavily in research work, write research papers, and engage in research projects with other educators or students.

Teacher Career Path: Important Milestones

A teaching career path extends to various aspects of education, from teaching in a classroom to making policy-making decisions at the administrative level. Below are the major milestones that you can expect to achieve in a successful teacher career path.

  1. Find a teaching position. If you are looking for jobs in the education field, there are big companies hiring teachers in 2022. There are jobs for teachers in private and public schools at the kindergarten, high school, and postsecondary levels.
  2. Lead an education project. You must show your dedication to education by leading and supporting educational projects with students and the administration. You might get this opportunity at school-level events or conferences.
  3. Get certified. For a successful career in teaching, you must get your skills certified by the National Board. Most institutions and roles require a license and certification in education.
  4. Become a department head. This is a leadership role that acts as a liaison between students, teachers, and the school administration. In this role, you will be able to demonstrate teaching, leadership, and communication skills.
  5. Become a professor. Highly educated teachers earn professorships after years of contributing to the field of education. College professors are highly valued in community colleges, universities, and other types of postsecondary schools.

Planning Your Teacher Career Path

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The teaching profession has a wide range of career paths for new teachers. If you have an education degree, a passion for teaching, and a love of education, there are many future careers that you can pursue in this field. Below are the best tips to help you curate a successful teacher career path.

Research Thoroughly

If you are planning a career in teaching, do thorough research to find out how you can branch out for professional advancement. There are opportunities in consulting, research, education services, advocacy, and school leadership. It is a good idea to find out the preferred skills for your chosen career path, and how you can develop these skills to land a position in education.

Master Foundational Teaching Practices

It is a good idea to test the waters by assisting a qualified teacher and learning the role before you begin as a new teacher. You can also begin by taking teaching jobs with short-term contracts, such as substitute teaching.

Pursue Professional Development

It is important that educators participate in training programs and courses. Professional development is aimed at developing teachers and keeping them up to date with newer teaching strategies. Professional development for teachers and educators helps them get organized, focus on students, and contribute to any education program.

Earn an Advanced Degree

You must work towards a Master’s in Education for good prospects as a teacher. A doctorate is recommended for high-performing teachers. You can also look for Master’s in Teaching Scholarships to find help with financing your degree, which will allow you to focus on education. There are also many online teaching degrees that you can pursue without quitting your job.

Value and Take Interest in Leading Change

In your teaching career, it is always important to empathize with students, understand their passion as well as their challenges, and support their learning journey. Experienced teachers value teaching as well as learning.

Popular Teaching Career Paths

Career Path Skills Average Salary Job Outlook
Technical writer Analytical skills, technical skills, critical thinking $78,060 12%
Instructional coordinator Interpersonal, analytical, and problem-solving skills $63,740 10%
Technical education teacher Organizational, listening, and presentation skills $61,160 5%
School and career counselor Analytical, problem-solving, and communication skills $60,510 11%
Preschool teacher Communication skills, storytelling, creativity $30,210 18%

Next Steps for Aspiring Teachers

Once you begin a career in education, you must continue to gain experience and hone your teaching skills. Kindergarten and preschool teachers will benefit from an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education.

Teachers must also make sure to stay inspired as educators, stay up to date with new learning strategies, be familiar with technological tools that support instruction, and always self-evaluate their relationships with students. If you enjoy educational technology, you can pursue a Master’s Degree in Educational Technology and become a curriculum director or instructional director.

Participating in teacher leadership initiatives will encourage you to discuss challenges and teaching ideas with colleagues and professionals. Sometimes teachers can also take up side hustles to put their teaching skills to use, even if they are not pursuing a traditional teaching position.

Teacher Career Path FAQ

Is teaching a good career path?

Teaching is a good career path with a consistent paycheck. In the early stages of your career, and depending on your school district, it might not be the highest-paying job. However, there are many passive income options for teachers. Teachers are highly respected and there will be a need for teachers as long as there is a desire to learn.

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What can I do with a teaching degree if I don’t want to teach?

If you don’t want to teach but have a teaching degree, there are many career pathways that you can pursue. These paths include, but are not limited to, career consultancy, education consulting, mentorship, and school guidance counseling.

Can I become a teacher without a teaching degree?

Yes, you can become a teacher without a teaching degree by earning training and experience in education. Most teaching positions require you to pass a background check and have a valid teaching certification or professional teaching license to educate high school students, elementary students, or other student populations.

How do you advance your career in education?

You can advance your career in education by knowing your passion, enhancing your expertise, and choosing to specialize in an area of education. There are a multitude of certifications available to give credentials to your unique skills, whether your specialty is curriculum development, special education services, or counseling with students.

Teacher Career Path and Career Goals: Become the Best Teacher You Can Be (2024)
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