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R K Macy & Co Fine Jewelry is an exclusive jewelry retailer based in San Francisco, California that offers custom designer jewelry pieces for their customers. From rings to necklaces, pendants to earrings and watches – they have a wide selection of products that are one of a kind.

Their commitment to excellence ensures that all craftsmanship is of the highest quality – each item will be carefully inspected for quality assurance before being released to the market. The care and attention put into every piece results in exquisite artistry that stands out from its competitors.

In business since 1993, R K Macy & Co Fine Jewelry has made a name for themselves in the luxury market with their classic pieces of high-end jewelry featuring Swarovski crystals, diamonds and pearls often set in 18 karat gold or platinum metals. For those special occasions such as engagements or graduations, customers can customize their own jewelry with guidance from the professional staff at the store.

Whether it’s creating engravings or selecting attractive gemstones, R K Macy & Co is dedicated to providing exceptional service when it comes to jewelry design.

The team at R K Macy also just doesn’t stop there – they even offer personalized services that include repairs and cleaning of existing items as well as appraisals for items brought into their store. Whether you’re looking for a unique necklace or bracelet as well as basic services like polishing and repairs – they’re here to assist with any needs you have regarding fine jewelry regardless if it was purchased from them or not.

Every customer will receive individualized treatment so if you’re planning your special day then make sure to stop by R K Macy & Co Fine Jewelry where only the best-quality products are used on all pieces of purchase and repair work.

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Origins of R K Macy & Co Fine Jewelry

R K Macy & Co Fine Jewelry is a world-renowned store, specialising in fine jewelry and timepieces. The company was established in 1934 by Rudolph K. Macy and his wife, Myrtle Mae Parsons.

Rudolph began working in the jewelry business at a young age, as he worked for a local jeweler throughout his teenage years. As the years passed, along with his burgeoning expertise, Rudy developed a deep appreciation of exquisite stones coupled with an artistic talent that helped him to create exclusive pieces of fine jewelry and watches.

The Craftsmanship

RK Macy & Co Fine Jewelry specialize in creating one-of-a-kind pieces of exquisite craftsmanship for discerning clients with an affinity for luxury. The artisans at RK Macy have been crafting gorgeous pieces since 1934 and are particularly well-known for their superbly crafted engagement rings set with rare diamonds from all over the world.

They have also won numerous awards from international magazines such as The New York Times and GQ Magazine for their incomparable designs that meets or exceeds the highest standards of taste while simultaneously being accessible to a broad range of clientele due to their price range accommodation capabilities.


The company is constantly looking to innovate when it comes to their collections and approaches towards adornment. RK Macy & Co Fine Jewelry creates pieces not only by sourcing some of the finest stones from across the globe but they also occasionally employ environmental materials such as sea shells, organic stones or even pre-existing pieces which are revamped into fabulous new creations.

All these frequent updates help them stay abreast with current trends while ensuring that each piece they manufacture stands out on its own aesthetic merits.

Services Offered

Enhancing your appearance in timeless elegance is something R K Macy & Co take seriously and they offer lots of services including:

  • Jewelry Repairs
  • Custom Jewellery Design & Engravings
  • Insurance Claims Services & Appraisals

The Expert Craftsmanship Behind R K Macy & Co Fine Jewelry

R K Macy & Co Fine Jewelry specialize in the sale of high-quality, exquisitely designed pieces crafted with precise attention to detail. Founded more than fifty years ago by a master artisan, this company takes great pride in their original designs and handmade jewelry that last a lifetime. The company’s exquisite pieces are crafted by experienced professionals who demonstrate expertise and passion for creating works of art.

The Timeless Design

R K Macy & Co Fine Jewelry is committed to bringing timeless beauty to its customers. Their highly skilled artisans use tools, skills, knowledge and imagination to produce sophisticated yet practical designs. Their pieces are made using superior materials such as gold and platinum, perfect for any lifestyle or special occasion. The relationships between the gems used in each piece as well as their overall harmony makes them truly one of a kind creations that can be enjoyed for many generations.

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The Selection

This company offers a wide selection of fine jewelry from rings and earrings to bracelets, necklaces and engagement rings. They believe that purchasing jewelry should be an enjoyable experience so they have a friendly team of sales associates ready to give customers advice on the most suitable piece for them based on their lifestyle and individual taste.

The variety available allows customers to find something unique to suit any budget while still providing quality goods that are sure to stand out from the rest. Customers can also choose from pre-made designs or have something custom made just for them.

Unparalleled Service

R K Macy & Co Fine Jewelry understands how important customer service is when buying luxury items which is why they strive to provide unparalleled service every step of the way. From selecting precious stones to delivery, they ensure each customer receives excellent services that reflects their commitment to quality products as well as attentive care and attention throughout the entire process.

Stylish Jewelry Designs Offered by R K Macy & Co

R K Macy & Co specialize in fine jewelry, offering a wide range of stylish designs for every occasion. From sparkling diamond rings and necklaces to luxurious watches, the selection is sure to impress. All items are crafted using high-quality materials like diamonds, rubies, gold, and sterling silver, with prices to suit all budgets.

The company offers classic and modern pieces that will ensure you look fantastic on any special day. Their unique collection features different styles from contemporary fashion trends to timeless elegance. Whether you’re looking for bold statement pieces or something more delicate, R K Macy & Co can help find the perfect fit.

Advantages of Buying Jewelry at R K Macy & Co

  • Wide Variety of Designs
  • High Quality Craftsmanship
  • Affordable Prices
  • Unique Pieces

Their helpful staff provide individual attention ensuring customers receive an enjoyable experience when selecting jewelry. They have also partnered with various brands like Edward Mirell and Citizen Watch Company to offer additional designer options. Every purchase comes with their free lifetime warranty along with complimentary gift packaging.

R K Macy & Co have something for everyone from casual everyday wear to formal occasions such as weddings and anniversaries when only the best will do. The team also offer an online ‘Design Your Own’ service which allows clients who prefer bespoke pieces to create exactly what they desire without leaving home.

Alternatively, customers can visit one of their three locations – two in Texas and one in California – for more personal assistance in choosing a piece that truly reflects their individual style and personality.

Unique One-Of-A-Kind Jewelry Pieces from R K Macy & Co

R K Macy & Co offers one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces that are both stylish and timeless in nature. From intricate gold and diamond necklaces to stunning drop earrings, their selection of fine jewelry is sure to please even the most discerning client.

At R K Macy & Co, each one-of-a-kind piece is handcrafted with impeccable quality and care. All pieces are crafted from only the finest precious metals including 14k gold and high grade diamonds/gemstones available on the market. Their selection also includes classic styles such as solitaire pendants with matching stud earrings. Customization services are also offered for a truly personalized touch.

Their skilled team of jewelry experts use traditional jewelry making techniques in order to create exceptional pieces that you won’t find anywhere else. The staff at R K Macy & Co have years of professional jewelry experience and understand the significance of quality craftsmanship that you can trust.

The following list highlights some of the unique specialty items offered by R K Macy & Co:

  • 14k Gold Necklaces
  • Handmade Gemstone Earrings
  • Diamond Bracelets
  • Custom Engraved Jewelry
  • Modern Solitaire Designs
  • Vintage Styles

Steps to Purchase Jewelry from R K Macy & Co Expertly

At R K Macy & Co, customers can purchase fine jewelry with complete satisfaction. The store offers an array of choices for customers ranging from engagement rings to necklace pendants and every item is crafted with expert precision. To help make the purchasing process easier, here are some simple steps to follow when selecting jewelry from Macy & Co:

Step1-Decide Your Budget

The first step in making a purchase at Macy & Co should be deciding on a budget. This will narrow down the selection and ensure that you don’t overspend on any particular item. Different types of items have different prices depending on the quality involved and it’s important to plan accordingly.

Step 2-Choose A Design

Once your budget has been set, choosing a design can begin. At Macy & Co, they have a variety of designs for all tastes and budgets. From one-of-a-kind pieces that are unique in structure to classy solitaire settings that echo traditional diamonds, shoppers will be able to find something they love within their price range.

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Step 3 – Material Type

When deciding on the type of material for any piece of jewelry, there are a few factors to consider such as preferred finish, durability or color appeal etc., This decision largely depends on personal preference but some helpful tips include;

  • If looking for a more classic look opt for timeless metals like gold or platinum.
  • For an alternative look try rose gold or palladium.
  • Modern options like stainless steel make bold statements and show off intricate designs.

Unmatched Customer Support from R K Macy & Co

R K Macy & Co put a strong emphasis on providing their customers with an unbeatable shopping experience. Whether you’re looking for the perfect wedding or anniversary gift, or perhaps an amazing statement piece of fine jewelry, R K Macy & Co has something to suit every style and budget.

The professional and knowledgeable sales consultants are always available to offer their assistance, and go above and beyond merely helping you find the right product at the best price. Here are just a few of the finest customer support features available from this renowned company:

  • Each customer is taken through every stage of their purchase in an unhurried and uncomplicated fashion.
  • Unlimited access to online resources such as image galleries, video tutorials, e-catalogues.
  • Full refunds no questions asked if customers are not entirely satisfied with their purchase.
  • Complimentary maintenance and repairs on all item for up to two years.

At R K Macy & Co great pride is taken in offering superior customer service which continues long after the sale. As well as complimentary cleanings and inspections that can be performed at any of their store locations; excellent warranty services are also provided. This offers customers peace of mind that should anything go wrong with their item then R K Macy & Co will be there to help repair or replace it for them.

In addition the friendly staff can provide expert advise on how best to care for individual pieces such as choosing cleaning products specific to each material type used in particular items. Plus any helpful tips which can help ensure that customers personal possessions keep looking their best over time.

Finally, a secure delivery service is also available ensuring that important products arrive in perfect condition every single time so that customers needn’t worry about needing to return anything due to poor packaging.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to buying fine jewelry, R K Macy & Co Fine Jewelry should be at the top of any potential customer’s list. This is because R K Macy & Co understands the importance of quality and provides customers with high-end jewelry pieces. Not only do they provide a terrific selection to choose from, but they also offer excellent customer service, too.

The stellar assortment that customers can find at R K Macy & Co Fine Jewelry spotlights pieces crafted by premier design houses and artisans from around the world, including unique handcrafted designs that help set a piece apart from anything else on the market. Those styles range from traditional to modern; featuring diamonds and precious stones in all shapes and sizes.

No matter what design or style someone is looking for, they are sure to find something that fits their needs at R K Macy & Co Fine Jewelry.

Another advantage to choosing jewelry from R K Macy & Co Fine Jewelry is the expert advice available when shopping for those statement-making pieces. Their knowledgeable staff can answer questions about product care and cleaning tips, as well as help shoppers decide how much to spend without breaking their budget.

They take great pride in helping customers make informed decisions when making purchases. Furthermore, those who are making a significant purchase can rest easy knowing that all of their purchases are backed by warranties as well as satisfaction guarantees for up thirty days after purchase.

With excellent selections, unbeatable prices, expert advice and more, it’s no wonder why customers return time and time again to shop at R K Macy & Co Fine Jewelry. Shopping with them not only ensures you get ethical diamond sourcing practices but also brings peace of mind knowing your jewels are protected down the road if any issues arise with items purchased online or in store too.

When it comes to purchasing fine jewelry there’s no better option than turning to R K Macy & Co Fine Jewelry for all of your needs.

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