EC-Council's C|CSE Certification: Mastering Cloud Security w/ Sivva Kannan - Key Takeaways and FAQs (2023)


Sivva Kannan is an expert in cloud security with extensive experience working with various cloud service providers such as Azure, AWS, and GCP.

In this video, Sivva talks about the importance of cloud security, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. He highlights the shift towards cloud computing and the need to improve security measures for cloud-based services. Sivva also discusses the limitations of current cloud certifications and recommends the Certified Cloud Security Engineer (C|CSE) certification offered by EC-Council.

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

• The C|CSE certification covers all four viewpoints of cloud computing: user, functional, implementation, and deployment.
• The C|CSE certification includes 50+ modules with labs that provide practical experience with various cloud service providers.
• Sivva recommends doing each lab exercise twice to fully understand the objective of the exercise and gain real-world experience.
• The C|CSE certification can help you become a cloud security expert and prepare you for individual cloud certifications such as AWS Security or Azure Security.
• The Core Concepts of cloud security methodology remain the same across different cloud service providers.

The CCSE certification is a great way to achieve this and can set you on the path to becoming a cloud security expert.

Here are some FAQs on C|CESE certification

Q: What is the C|CSE certification?
A: The Certified Cloud Security Engineer certification offered by EC-Council covers all four viewpoints of cloud computing and provides practical experience with various cloud service providers.

Q: Why is cloud security important?
A: With the rise of cloud computing, it is important to have adequate security measures in place to protect sensitive information and prevent cyber attacks.

Q: Can the C|CSE certification help prepare for individual cloud certifications?
A: Yes, the C|CSE certification can provide a solid foundation for individual cloud certifications such as AWS Security or Azure Security.

Q: Is practical experience important for becoming a cloud security expert?
A: Yes, practical experience through labs and exercises is crucial for gaining real-world experience and becoming a cloud security expert.

Q: Are the Core Concepts of cloud security methodology the same across different cloud service providers?
A: Yes, while the screens and UI may differ, the Core Concepts of cloud security methodology remain the same across different cloud service providers.

Learn more about C|CSE:

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Foreign emerging and as a result of it, we had a global lockdown many Industries around, like they were trying to maintain the existing functionality at a very reduced cost and Cloud actually helped them to achieve that right.

So with that happening without like proper due diligence, there were a lot of you know: movement from on-premise to new kind of cloud, and now, as the world resumes now, they are focusing on to improve the security.

And that's why not a global level? We are having a lot of emphasis on you know, uh.

We already have existing Footprints in cloud and they want to enhance it or improve it at any cost.

So that's where, like Cloud security, is playing a very important role.

You know not just across you know ID sector, but across the world.

Actually most of us are not from cloud backgrounded, so we are not working on a cloud.

You know day in and day out, right way, so we may be a network engineer, we may be uh, you know someone who's working in you know our devops or database administrator.

So if you want to learn Cloud right, it is not going to be uh they.

We are not like looking for one one course which can actually transform us into a cloud into expert right, so we all look for those kind of options and even if you take from an you, know a technical standpoint.

So if you take like ISO 17789, which is you know, cloud computing reference architecture uh the they talk about four viewpoints right, so user Viewpoint, functional implementation and deployment, most of the certifications that we currently have in the market.

They are just talking about only the user, View and the functional view right so uh when it comes to implementation and deployment generally, they say like it is left with the hands of the cloud service provider.

So cloud service provides wider, will take care of it and we don't get an opportunity to learn about the implementation and deployment with the existing certification so far.

But if you take like CCSC certified Cloud security engineer by EC account, so it is actually covering all those four viewpoints talks about the user and functional Viewpoint as well as it talks about the implementation and deployment.

So you can learn about like how the major Cloud Source providers like Azure AWS gcp, they all like uh, how we can actually implement it or enhance it.

So, if you're like looking for one course which will convert you from a Zero to Hero in cloud or Cloud, security, I'd strongly recommend easy consoles.

Certified Cloud security engineer I find like all the modules, are very much relevant to the current scenario, however, like to give more emphasis like you can take like uh, you know the penetration, testing and Cloud forensics so which are like not you know, uh.

We, we would get an opportunity to learn on a day in and day out so uh when you consider, as they mentioned like if you want to become a zero two hero in cloud or Cloud security.

I think these 50 plus models are basically the differentiator here, so uh you will get exposed to all the different cloud service providers.

So, even if you work on one particular Cloud also now you'll get an opportunity to learn how you know the other Cloud Source provided is offering the same kind of functionality to you know understand the differences.

These Labs will be helpful and as a hot tip, what I can say is whenever you're doing the lab try to do it twice? Actually.

So, for the first time, your focus will be only on like getting that output right, making that test cases accessible, but during the second time you will actually understand why you are actually doing it, so the first would be more like how to achieve it, but the second time when you practice, you will understand why we actually uh do that or what exactly is the objective of it? So, yes, we have 50 plus Labs, but my advices should like do it twice so that you'll be very, it will be very helpful in the real time.

Yes, I would suggest because, like we are exposed to all the different uh cloud services in at the same time, so that we can easily correlate and understand and also like if ccse is going to be a first certificate.

So once you have completed all these Labs now you can, you know, go to those individual.

You know certifications like AWS security or Azure security, and you will be able to easily you know clear that out.

So it helps you.

You know, understand individual clouds as well as it helps you to build an overall like Cloud, uh security portion.

Also I would say yes, so uh whatever like currently like AWS or shoot.

They follow the security methodology.

The same kind of methodology start over here, so there's screens or the UI may change every time, but the Core Concepts will still remain the same right and uh since ccse is a very latest score, so they have almost captured the latest.

You know UI possible so that it is very much relevant or like similar to the current environment scenario.

Yes, it is actually delivering.

You know value to us so uh like as I mentioned, like we may not come from a cloud background.

Most of us may not come from an actual Cloud background when we are actually taking up these courses right so like we may be a network engineer or a database administrator right and uh.

By going through this modules, and by doing these lab exercises, we can get an uh end-to-end.

You know uh like Cloud Security Options that are available and that are available at our disposal, also so uh This Cloud this course is basically delivering a lot of value in transforming your journey in the uh to launcher journey.

In the cloud security, the recognition was huge so whenever there is a opportunity with respect to multi-cloud or like where, like multiple Cloud products are involved, so I would be kind of the default person to be called in, because you know I have a basic knowledge of all these basic Cloud uh search providers, uh functionality and that knowledge actually like gave me a lot of recognition in getting those opportunities.



Is cloud security certification worth it? ›

If you're interested in starting or advancing your career in the information security industry, earning a cloud security certification can help you learn critical skills and validate those skills to recruiters and hiring managers.

How much is certified cloud security engineer by EC Council? ›

What is the annual membership fee of CCSE certification? USD80 per annum.

What is the prerequisite for cloud security certification? ›

To qualify for this cybersecurity certification, you must pass the exam and have at least five years of cumulative, paid work experience in information technology, of which three years must be in information security, and one year in one or more of the six domains of the (ISC)² CCSP Common Body of Knowledge (CBK).

Which certification mainly focus on the cloud security? ›

ISO 27017 certification demonstrates cloud service security to users, while ISO 27018 certification ensures that personal data is processed securely.

Is cloud security a stressful job? ›

High-stress and demanding hours.

Given their high level of responsibility, cybersecurity experts often face high job pressure and demanding work hours.

What is the best cloud certification salary? ›

AWS vs Azure vs GCP: Which cloud is the most valuable to employers?
Job TitleAmazon Web Services (AWS)Google Cloud (GCP)
Cloud Solutions Engineer$95,000 USD$120,000 USD
Senior Software Engineer$126,000 USD$120,000 USD
Cloud Solutions Architect$124,000 USD$150,000 USD
Site Reliability Engineer$120,000 USD$155,000 USD
1 more row

How hard is Certified cloud security professional? ›

The exam is challenging and might take up to three hours to finish. The exam also includes 125 multiple-choice questions. Furthermore, the CCSP Exam Questions are only available in English. Above all, you must obtain a minimum of 700 points out of a possible 1000 in order to pass the CCSP Exam.

How long does IT take to learn cloud security? ›

On average, most individuals can master cloud computing skills in approximately two to four years.

Are cloud security engineers in demand? ›

Demand for cloud security skills is estimated to grow by 115% between 2020 and 2025, representing almost 20,000 job openings (Burning Glass, 2020). Companies need talent with training in both vendor-specific and vendor-neutral cloud concepts, including Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and cloud infrastructure security.

What is the easiest cloud certification to get? ›

AWS Certifications are the most sought after in the cloud industry. There is more demand on AWS skills when compared to other Cloud Platforms. AWS is easier to learn if you have no prior Cloud experience as there are more learning materials (blogs, eBooks, video tutorials) that you could find online.

Does cloud security involve coding? ›

Generally, any cloud-related job that focuses on development will require programming. Other positions generally do not. You can, for example, become a certified AWS architect without writing code.

How to become a cloud security engineer with no experience? ›

How to start a cloud career without experience
  1. Upskill yourself. One of the best ways to get started in any role if you have no experience, is to upskill yourself. ...
  2. Sign up for online courses. ...
  3. Apply for internships. ...
  4. Start an apprenticeship. ...
  5. Look for a graduate programme. ...
  6. Reach out to your network. ...
  7. Join the FDM Programme.
Jan 26, 2023

What are the three key areas for cloud security? ›

Identity and Access Management. Securing Data in the Cloud. Securing the Operating System. Protecting the Network Layer.

What are the four areas that cloud security needs to include? ›

What Are the 4 Areas of Cloud Security? Four cloud security solutions include cloud data visibility, control over cloud data, access to cloud data and applications, and compliance.

Does cloud certification help get a job? ›

The sad truth is that getting a job with just a certification alone is difficult or almost impossible to achieve. Cloud Certifications are a great way to display your credibility and validate your knowledge. It also shows that you have invested time and money into improving your skill set.

Is cloud security difficult to learn? ›

Learning cloud computing is considered by most to be a challenging skill. This field's inherent complexity is one reason it's so difficult to learn.

Which is better cloud security or cyber security? ›

Scope of Protection: The primary distinction between cybersecurity and cloud security is that cloud security only concerns itself with defending cloud computing settings from hacking. Cybersecurity, on the other hand, entails protecting all kinds of IT areas from cyberattacks, including PCs, servers, and networks.

How difficult is cloud security? ›

Cloud security engineer work is both nuanced and challenging. Unlike networks and on-premise technology, cloud infrastructure changes almost on a daily basis as providers compete to provide the most sought-after solutions. “The entire ecosystem is complex,” says Oliver Tavakoli, chief technology officer at Vectra AI.

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